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Written Stories


In 2002, I had an abortion. It was the most painful decision, I ever made. The guy I was pregnant by was white. I am African-American. We had never talked about having kids. I just had a daughter the year before. He wasn't ready for the responsibility. We made decision together. He went with me to the clinic. He was there after the procedure. We cried together. … read more >


It was 20 years ago - I was 29 and it was an accident. The circumstances aren't important, because a different who or where or when would not have led to a different decision. … read more >


Many think that abortion is a service mostly used by young, unwed women to hide from their parents the fact that they have had sex. I know about this and I spent more than enough days of each month as a teen worrying that I might not get my period. My father would have beaten me senseless had I come home with a pregnancy then. However, I had my two abortions when I was married. … read more >


I was 20 and in an on and off relationship for 4 years. At the time my drug addicted mother kicked me out and I just got my first apartment in a bad area of a town I was new to, far away from the place i grew up. … read more >


My name is Heather. I've had 3 abortions. I had them at ages 21, 27 and 35. The reason why? I didn't want children, didn't want to go thru pregnancy and delivery. Putting a child up for adoption was simply not something I was willing to do. It was as simple as that. … read more >


I was 19 years old and had just started casually dating a guy. He was a nice guy, but he worked with me at my part-time job and I definitely wasn't interested in anything serious. I was going to college and he was content with his lack of ambition. I was taking the Pill at the time, but my class schedule and work schedule made it difficult to take it at the exact same time each day. … read more >


Forty years ago I had an abortion when I was 19. It was December 1971, two years before Roe v. Wade. … read more >


My birth control failed after taking two rounds of antibiotics. My boyfriend and I were on the verge of breaking up and were in a horrible relationship where neither of us felt respected or fulfilled. … read more >


When I was 18 I went through a bit of a rough patch, and did not have access to my birth control. I ended up becoming pregnant for the first time. As soon as I told my much older then-boyfriend, he skipped town and I never saw him again. … read more >


I am a 22 year old woman. I had an abortion - recently. It was the best choice I have ever made, although painful. I took control of my life, and I am so grateful for my ability to do so. If you're struggling, there are resources out there. If you need help and support, you can find it. We are all here with you, no matter the choice you make.


I got pregnant shortly after my mother lost her grueling battle with ALS. It was a long, draining and emotional process that left me severely depressed and fragile. … read more >


It was 1979, and I was 18 years old. I was working as a night shift waitress at a Pancake House in Pittsburgh, and my then boyfriend worked there too, as a line cook in the kitchen. It was only a matter of time before I became pregnant - we weren't using any birth control, and we were having sex every chance we got. … read more >


I was: Too income-unstable to raise it as I was raised. Too far away from family to help me raise it. Too young for the responsibility.


I grew up in a very emotionally unhealthy family, I didn't know about personal boundaries or that I could say no, stop. … read more >


When I was 32 I landed an Expat job for a 2 year stint in Australia. A single woman living in a foreign country an ocean away from friends and family can get lonely. I was on the pill, however the crazy schedule I was working, caused me to miss doses here and there. So when I ended up pregnant after a brief affair, I went looking right away for options. … read more >


I was 22, working and living in Manhattan. I used an IUD for birth control, but kept getting infections so my doctor took it out and gave me a prescription for a diaphragm. I had close ties to my college friends back in Ohio, including a man I'd been in love with. … read more >


I was 23 years old when I got pregnant. I was neither emotionally nor financialy ready to have a child. My boyfriend, being catholic, did not agree with my decision but he took me to Planned Parenthood and helped pay for it. … read more >


I recall feeling sick for weeks. Being pregnant was the last thought on my mind. I bought four pregnancy test, after the third test came back positive I believed it. I've been a type one diabetic for 16 years and knew the slew of medicine I took daily would have an impact on what was growing inside me. So the possibility of my husband and I having an unplanned pregnancy would be questionable at best. … read more >


Around 2001, when I was 27, I became pregnant. At the time, I was earning $5 an hour - a wage that barely kept me clothed, housed, and fed (in fact, I have no idea how I was able to be self-supporting on that amount). I had no health insurance and no family to help. … read more >


In 1973, I was 21, newly married and, having no desire to get pregnant, followed my OB/GYN's suggestion of getting an IUD. A new brand was supposed to be "perfect" for women who had never had children. It was called a Dalkon Shield and I felt I was being responsible when it was inserted. I was happy to know I wouldn't get pregnant. … read more >


When I was 19 I got pregnant. I was in a loving, committed relationship, but I was also a sophomore in college. I had dreams and aspirations, and raising a child wasn't one of them at age 19. … read more >


I'm 55 years old. I terminated a pregnancy when I was in my early 30's. I was working at the time but did not own a car. … read more >


I was 17 when I got pregnant from an abusive boyfriend. I was on birth control but terrible at taking it regularly. The doctor came in after my exam and said, you're pregnant. What are you going to do about it? … read more >


I was two weeks away from my 24th birthday. I had been dating my boyfriend at the time for almost 4 years. I found out he was being deceitful and was eager to date other women. We broke up and a week later I found out I was six weeks pregnant. … read more >


I was raised in a religious household and given your basic Red State sex education. We were told to abstain sex or burn in hell. No one explained how pregnancy happened or how to avoid it. … read more >


I was a drug addict when I had my abortion. I chose drugs over the life of my child.Don't get me wrong I was using and in a miserable marriage but today I know for me regardless, it was no excuse for what I chose to do.


My husband wanted to be involved with my birth control method. We learned about natural family planning and started using it. It worked well. . . for a while, until I had unprotected sex on Day 6 of my cycle. … read more >


I was living with a drug dealer who didn't like me using my diaphragm because it "broke the mood"; he didn't like waiting for me to put it in. … read more >


I was a young, nineteen year old girl from a privileged family brought up in a suburb of New York. My parents took me to Santa Domingo to have my illegal abortion. … read more >


I had my first abortion when I was 19, in a good relationship with someone I loved. The condom broke, and I knew as soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test (that I took in a public bathroom at the mall because I didn't want anyone to know) that I would not carry to term. I knew I wasn't ready, and I was starting to know that my relationship wasn't going to last forever. I booked the appointment at the hospital and went in and when it was over, the only thing I felt was relief. Relief that my life had been saved. Relief that this one little accident of birth control wouldn't take control of my life forever more. I never told my boyfriend, though I think he suspected. We broke up several months later. I only ever felt anger because I felt that I couldn't tell anyone because of the stigma of being a "baby killer". Over the years, I told a few friends, but only if I felt I could give them some meaningful insight into their own situations. When I was 33, in a stable common-law relationship, I again had a failure of birth control. This time was different. I knew my partner's stance (he did not want children), and I knew that I didn't want children. I took the weekend to think really hard about it, figuring that at this stage, if I'm going to change my mind about having children, this might be the best time. I might never have another safe opportunity for pregnancy. After a weekend of review, I knew that "might not get another chance" simply wasn't enough reason for me to bring a person into the world, not when I had just quit my job, especially since my response to the pregnancy test showing positive was to break into hysterical tears. The thought of buying a car seat and a stroller and diapers filled me with nothing but despair. I made an appointment, and I've never looked back. I have no regret. It's not something I talk about; I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed. It's simply a thing that happened, a choice that I made to continue my life as I want it to be. I love my life as it is, and I don't regret a single thing.


The first time, I was 18, a freshman in college, and should've known better. I was a smart girl. But my erratic (and oftentimes absent) periods made me think I was safe. When I found out I was pregnant, my sophomore boyfriend helped me find a clinic, paid for the procedure, and stayed with me. … read more >


I was only 14 when I had an abortion. I hated myself for a very long time afterwards, because that's what society says is the appropriate feeling to have after an abortion. … read more >


I was 21-years-old, in college, in my first long-term relationship and working part-time at a corporate book store when the condom broke. Having a baby was not a possibility as I was in debt, had no health insurance (this was before you could stay on your parents' policy). Neither I, nor my partner at the time wanted a kid, so we made the decision together to not. … read more >


My dad told me and my sisters that if any one of us got pregnant, don't bother coming home. I got pregnant at 18 years old, in college while using an diaphragm. … read more >


In 1980 I had an abortion when I was 19 years old and in college. My boyfriend and I had sex once, and I got pregnant. … read more >


I was 22, in a serious relationship with someone who is now my fiance, and we just weren't ready. We supported each other through the whole process and it made us stronger. I know my story is rare, but I think it's important for women to know that it doesn't always have to be a traumatic experience.


I was 18 when I gave birth to our first child. My boyfriend and I gave her up for adoption, under duress because we had moved to another state, our families didn't know and we felt pressure from an agency that didn't care about our well being. … read more >


I was in my mid-thirties, married, and child-free. I was completely focused on my career in IT and loving every minute of my life. … read more >


I was 22, just graduated from college. Dating a man who would become my husband. Got pregnant and had an abortion. It was not a hard decision. We never looked back. Have 3 beautiful children, live in the suburbs, and know that women around me have the same story but no one will admit it.


Both my husband and I do not want children. Having conceived at forty was an unhappy surprise. We both agreed to the termination (although it ultimately was my decision). Because I was only nine weeks pregnant, I qualified for a medical abortion. One takes pills to induce a miscarriage. The procedure takes place at home. … read more >


In April 2014 I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend of 4 years and I were both still in College, living at home, and working part time. Growing up, I was raised Roman Catholic and was sent to a private school. Sex was never talked about and abortion was never an option. … read more >


I remember one morning reaching to take out my cervical cap (it was the late 80s) and realizing it was not properly lodged. Sure enough, I was pregnant. … read more >


I was 19 when I was pregnant. It was the second guy Ive ever had sex with in my life.. I though he was the one. When I found out I was pregnant I was terrified. Terrifield of what people would think. … read more >


I didn't exactly have an abortion. I did have to have an abortion procedure that saved my life. If that procedure had been illegal or otherwise unavailable, I would have died 2 days after turning 17 for nothing. … read more >


I was in college and had one crazy weekend with a guy leaving for the army. Found out I was pregnant and had a "no guilt" abortion. … read more >


My husband and I found out that we were having our second baby in January 2013. Extremely unexpected, but we were over the moon. In June 2013 we found out we were having a boy. Then the nurse from the doctor's office called. The question, "Are you in a place you can talk?" is seared into my brain. … read more >


At 20 years old I got pregnant. My boyfriend has a 4 year old son already and he is a terrific dad. I didnt know I was pregnant until going to my family doctor. … read more >


I have pretty much been the epitome of rule-follower my entire life. I didn't believe in the sexist "virginity = worth" myth even at a young age, but I did understand that when it came to sex, safe was the only option for me. … read more >


17 years ago I was a Junior in college. I struggled with low self esteem and had reunited with a man I had dated in high school. It was a poor choice for a relationship. Of course, I got pregnant. I had never believed that I had the capacity to be a good mother. Through a lot of thought and prayer I figured out that I couldn't go through with carrying to term. The father was indifferent to my decision. I followed through with getting an abortion with the help of a local Pro Choice Network. Living in Idaho, I had to travel to Washington State to get the procedure done. My only regret is not having the self esteem to stay away from that man after I'd already had a bad experience with him. I believe I made the right choices with regard to my child and am on good terms with my Creator. I am very thankful that I had access to safe and legal abortion. My mother had made the decision once when it was not legal. She used a knitting needle. It got the job done but not without long term damage physically and mentally. My only advice to women considering abortion is to be sure you can live with your decision. The hardest part for my mother was that it went against her personal beliefs. This is a personal medical decision that is ultimately no one else's business. LOVE & LIGHT TO ALL


I applied to boarding school in the spring. Throughout the summer I was excited for this amazing opportunity. I had a boyfriend. We were having unprotected sex. … read more >


at age 17 i became pregnant because i thought i was smart and knew my fertile days. Hah, no way to play. i gambled and lost. my bf was just graduating from college and going on to grad school and i was in my last year of college. i had no one to ask for help and knew i had to handle this myself. being a biology major i had access to some sterile instruments and knowing my body and its anatomy, i dd it myself. foolhardy, yes, but it needed to be done., and it worked. i was scared shitless and wondered whether i had injured myself and could i ever bear children. fact is i married the bf, treated myself to another abortion because he was in grad school and we were definitely not ready for a child. but fortune smiled on me. i had done a good job on myself twice and several years later into our marriage i gave birth to a son and followed with two more. it was the scariest and most stressful time of my life and i wish that NO woman has ever to go thru that ordeal. please keep it legal and safe for all future women.


I was 22. I had just graduated from college and recently accepted into a teaching credential program. My ex-boyfriend and I just moved in together, everything was going in the direction it was supposed to. … read more >


My abortion was fairly recent. It was in August. My Nuvaring failed and I ended up pregnant. My boyfriend and I had discussed what we would do in the event of a pregnancy and knew that abortion was the right choice for us. But when it happened we were shocked. I foolishly thought it could never happen to me. … read more >


I traveled to Mexico when I was 17. I went to study pottery and Spanish. I started seeing a man 10 years older than I was- I got pregnant. He begged me to keep it. He asked me to stay in Mexico and he would take care of us or he would raise our child and I could return home to the U.S.. I was young and hardly knew myself but I knew that I didn't love myself enough to love a child. … read more >


In early 2010 I woke up in bed at my boyfriend's house with a pain in my abdomen. The pain persisted and became unbearable over the course of an hour and he decided to take me to the hospital. … read more >


I always thought I'd have a child at 27. That's the age my mother had me, the age my grandmother was when she had my mother. But when I became pregnant at 27, it wasn't the way I had seen it. My husband at the time had begun an affair a few months prior, which at this point I was still unaware of. What I did know what that he was unhappy, I was unhappy. I had been using a nuva ring, but I had been late to put the new one in. In so many years I never considered I'd end up pregnant without having planned it. I was (am) OCD. I plan everything. I was terrified to tell my husband of the pregnancy, more so because I was scared he'd want me to continue the pregnancy than anything else. But I needn't be worried about that. After some awkward talk-around the issue I finally spat it out-I wasn't ready for this. We weren't ready for this. He agreed. In fact, he wanted to leave for Florida for a month to "figure things out." He made his arrangements, I made my arrangements and appointments. On the morning I took the series of pills at home, he left for Florida. Left me to do it on my own. I had no regrets. And I made the right choice. It is no surprise to me that our marriage ended. That day, I took control back over my life from a child posing as a man. A man who didn't work while I worked 40+ hours a week while disabled. A man who left for Florida that day to meet up with his girlfriend. I am so grateful I had that choice to make.


I grew up catholic in the Chicago suburbs. There was a lot of emphasis placed on the 10 commandments and morality. I remember when I was young and thinking that having an abortion was absolute: you killed, and therefore you are forever a bad person. … read more >


13 years ago I became pregnant while on the pill. My boyfriend at the time accused me of getting pregnant on purpose because we had been going through a rough patch and he even had the nerve to ask me if the baby was definitely his. … read more >


I had an abortion at barely 16 years old. It wasn't my first idea, but I wasn't in a relationship and had been abusing drugs regularly. … read more >


I was 25 when I found out I was pregnant. I had been married for six months to my husband. We weren't financially stable. We didn't even have a home, yet, only a one bedroom apartment. … read more >


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