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Written Stories


I have had two abortions. I had my first abortion when I was twenty-three. I was employed, saving to travel the world, and madly in love. Unfortunately he was on the other side of the world that I wanted to travel to and a very bad letter writer. … read more >


I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful partner; he's sweet, he moved out of state with me for work, he supports (most things) I do and he loves me. For these reasons, I know one day, I want to have a baby with him. … read more >


I was 18 when I had an abortion. It was the hardest choice I've ever made. … read more >


I’ve been dreading today nearly as much as I’m fearing tomorrow. … read more >


I was 22 when I started dating my current boyfriend. We quickly fell in love with each other and became inseparable. Because of our close connection, I trusted the pull put method when we had sex. It wasn't more than 3 months since we'd been having sex when I became pregnant, but I didn't find out until almost 2 months (7 weeks to be precise) later. … read more >


In 2012, I was 18 years old, a freshman at the University of San Francisco. On November 07, 2012 I found out that I was pregnant by my high school boyfriend of 2 years. As I stood there in Walgreens bathroom staring down at the pregnancy test, I couldn't register what I was looking at. … read more >


I became pregnant with my first child last year in my late 30's! I was elated and filled with an unexplained amount of love for this being simply for being a part of me. I didn't know that my heart can open so big. … read more >


I was 18 years old the first time I found out I was pregnant. I was newly in college and in a relationship with an emotionally abusive guy. … read more >


I was 23, a college student, and so in love with someone who wasn't very emotionally available, and older, divorced man whose (rightful) priority was his young daughter. I will never forget his cold response when I told him I was pregnant, something we didn't expect to happen, given our use of birth control. … read more >


I was 25 and had just become engaged... not very dramatic. But, I am glad to be telling my story in a somewhat public way. … read more >


I thought "smart" girls like me didn't have unwanted pregnancies. I waited until I was 21 to have sex and I was in a long term serious relationship. My partner removed his condom during sex after a miscommunication and I didn't know. I didn't even find out until the next day. … read more >


Thirty-five years ago I was struggling to overcome the effects of having grown up the eldest of five children in a family headed by a bipolar, alcoholic father and a passive mother whose father was an alcoholic. … read more >


I was 16 and dating a guy my parents did not approve of. In all of our passion and young love, we conceived a baby. … read more >


I'm telling my abortion story because it is not sensational. … read more >


I felt like a stereotype. I was 16 years old and had just lost my virginity when I found out I was pregnant. … read more >


I was 20 years old when my abortion happened. My boyfriend and I were in the early stages of our relationship, and we were also 180 miles apart. … read more >


I was twenty one years old. It was 1973. I was engaged to be married the summer after I graduated. I was attending a baptist university, getting ready to do my student teaching. … read more >


Despite using birth control, I discovered I was pregnant at the age of 20. There was no thinking in my decision, my automatic response was to terminate. … read more >


I was 29. I always wanted to be a mom. I had done everything "right." … read more >


When I was in my early 20s, I was in a relationship which had gone sour and was becoming emotionally abusive. It started out wonderfully, but mean people can't hide their true selves for long. … read more >


When I aborted my unborn baby in 1976, I was on the first wave of women whose abortions were legal. … read more >


I've had two abortions in my life, both with the same partner, my now husband. Sometimes that feels ironic, and strangely lucky at the same time. … read more >


I had an abortion almost four years ago, on April 1, 2011. I remember everything about that day. It was the worst day of my life and not a single day has gone by that I haven't thought about my baby, yet I know I made the right decision. … read more >


I was moved to share my story when I read this story on Huffington Post: ..."I was 21 when I became pregnant with my third child, fathered by my alcoholic, physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive husband,"... "After he was arrested for hitting me, I finally found the strength and courage to leave him ... at that point, I became a single, pregnant mother of two, with no job. I knew that bringing another child into the world would be detrimental to that child’s life." With the exception of the age (I was a "mature," "intelligent," "well-educated," 32 year-old). She had already written my story, so I had to own up to it. … read more >


I'm 27. I'd been seeing a guy for a little while, and I got pregnant. He was ridiculously supportive of whatever I wanted to do - never once pressured me into anything. But I knew as soon as that test came back positive what I needed to do. … read more >


I had just moved out of my parents house, 2 hrs away to attend University, it was my second semester and I was 20. My boyfriend at the time still lived in my home town, we saw each other every weekend, taking turns driving to each other's place. I found a letter from someone else in his pocket while doing the laundry, he had been seeing someone else and it was just one short month after that I found out I was pregnant. … read more >


I was 19 when Emma was born. I had no doubt at that point that abortion was out of the question. Even when it was suggested by many people very close to me. … read more >


I was a 20 year old junior in college and had gotten pregnant on a Spring Break trip with my boyfriend. There was no way we could take care of a child at that point in our lives. … read more >


I was 30 and living in New York City, working as an office temp. I had just been accepted to graduate school to begin a second career as an archivist. I lived in a 10’x12’ room in a shared apartment. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend, but we still spent time together and one fun night of drinks later, I became pregnant. … read more >


At age 21, I had just moved away for college. I was in a committed, loving, long distance relationship. Two weeks after school started, I found out I was pregnant. … read more >


The minute the condom broke I knew I was going to get pregnant. … read more >


It was 1985. I was 21. My slightly older boyfriend wanted "real" (unprotected) sex. I wanted to wait and get a prescription for the pill, but hey, the contraceptive sponge was just out, why not try that? What could go wrong? … read more >


I fell pregnant (intentionally) and suffered a traumatic and complicated miscarriage, bleeding for weeks on end before I collapsed and haemorrhaged heavily. I thought I was dying, it was the scariest thing I'd ever experienced. … read more >


I found out that I was pregnant the day before I was set to fly across country for a several month long service endeavor. There was no consideration of "what to do"; I knew immediately that I had to have an abortion. … read more >


At 28, my boyfriend and I were engaged. He suggested "we" try to get pregnant. When that happened, it became apparent that he (as counselled by his father) didn't want a child right then - he was just checking to see if I would be good "fertile-wife" material before he went through with the marriage!!! … read more >


I am too young, too naive, too irresponsible, and without the resources to raise a child. The first time I found out I was pregnant there was no consideration of my options: I immediately knew I would get an abortion. … read more >


I had an abortion at 15, without my parents knowledge or consent. In England I had the right to an abortion without my parents consent because I was old enough to make my own mind and the two doctors who agreed to it felt I knew what I was doing and making the right decision. I did make the right decision. … read more >


My name is Jenn. I am 23 going on 24. I love kids. I've always wanted kids. I knew I would be a great mother after my niece was born in 2011. I had helped … read more >


I had an abortion at 16 years old because I wasn't ready to be a Mom. I wanted to graduate high school and go to college. I was always ashamed of my decision but I never regretted it. … read more >


There is no way this could happen to me. That is what I remember thinking when I found out I was pregnant. It was the summer before my senior year of high school and at the time I thought I was invincible (as most high school students do). … read more >


I was 20 and a junior in college when I found out I was pregnant. I was with a man who was kind and understanding, but our relationship was fleeting. … read more >


I am a 24 year old female who finally got a great job. I have had protected sex since I begun having sex. And I have been with someone I wanted to marry for a long time. After I got this job, he didn't have a job. He lived on a couch, I paid his car bills, I paid his gas, I bought him food, I went to bed in pain each night. … read more >


I was in college, and kind-of lax with remembering to take my birth control, and got pregnant. I loved my boyfriend and all, but I was 20 and there was no question in my mind that there was no way I would have the baby. … read more >


Illustration by Eva

The 1 in 3 Campaign works with artists to illustrate stories from the campaign. Eva Wǒ created this work, inspired by Natalie's story.   … read more >

Illustration of Natalie’s story, by Eva Wǒ

Sarah - illustration by Alex Kronz Kaethler

The 1 in 3 Campaign works with artists to illustrate stories from the campaign.  Alexandra Kronz Kaethler created this work, inspired by Sarah’s story. … read more >

Illustration for Sarah’s Story, by Alexandra Kronz Kaethler

My story is really a story of beginnings. I had just met the most amazing man. The man of my dreams. We were 2 peas in a pod. In fact, I liked him so much I didn't have sex with him for weeks. Well lo and behold the first time out of the gates and apparently we got knocked up. … read more >


I was 18 years old and in a mentally abusive relationship with a boy I had been on and off with for 2 years. 4 days after graduating from high school we had unprotected sex and 5 weeks later that little stick showed up with those two little lines. … read more >



… read more >


I was a 23 white, middle class college grad with no insurance. I had just started dating the guy who got me pregnant. I terminated the pregnancy at 7 weeks and I haven't regretted it for one moment. A child deserves 2 parents and a stable home and I deserved to start a family when I was financially and emotionally ready.


I was 21 with a 9 month old and a boyfriend who was a drug addict. He wasn't there for our daughter and always put his habit before us....he couldn't even hold a job. … read more >


When I was 22, I got involved with an older man who was separated from his wife (living separately as well). Within 2 months, he asked me to marry him, be the mother of his children, and wanted us to live together so we got an apartment just over the border in New Hampshire. … read more >


I am 67, and very grateful that my reproductive years coincided with availability of birth control and legal abortion. My husband and I tried to have a baby in our early 30's. Instead we had two miscarriages. I was fortunate that I could have D&C's in a hospital to safely clean out the remains of the miscarriages. … read more >


My mother died after a long illness in 1970, my father in 1974, when I was 30. I had been suffering from clinical depression even before that. … read more >


I terminated my pregnancy due to medical conditions of the baby. I was very sad at the time as we tried for over six years to get pregnant with our second baby. On my 2nd round of Clomid (fertility drug) we were able to get pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. We did not find out anything was wrong with her until almost the 15-16th week. … read more >

Sarah Jane

Sex wasn’t talked about in our house. I was raised going to church every Sunday, saying grace before dinner, and praying before bed. The only times sex was brought up was when my parents were warning me not to do it. But mostly, it was just ignored. … read more >


I had two abortions - one when I was 22 and one when I was 23, within months of each other. Both with the same partner. He was a crack addict and already had two kids he didn't properly care for. I was a smart and talented girl with very low self esteem and a desire to "fix" him. He did have a good heart but was massively flawed otherwise. … read more >


I got pregnant with my first child at age 18. My boyfriend and I weren't fully prepared but we knew it was was what we wanted. We wanted to be settled down with our own little family and do what our parents couldn't. … read more >


In 2002, I had an abortion. It was the most painful decision, I ever made. The guy I was pregnant by was white. I am African-American. We had never talked about having kids. I just had a daughter the year before. He wasn't ready for the responsibility. We made decision together. He went with me to the clinic. He was there after the procedure. We cried together. … read more >


It was 20 years ago - I was 29 and it was an accident. The circumstances aren't important, because a different who or where or when would not have led to a different decision. … read more >


Many think that abortion is a service mostly used by young, unwed women to hide from their parents the fact that they have had sex. I know about this and I spent more than enough days of each month as a teen worrying that I might not get my period. My father would have beaten me senseless had I come home with a pregnancy then. However, I had my two abortions when I was married. … read more >


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