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Written Stories


In pre-Roe 1965, I was 19 years old, a sophomore at UC Santa Barbara, and had a responsible, steady boyfriend. But, I knew I was not mature enough for marriage, let alone rearing a child alone and supporting him or her without my college degree. … read more >


I was an adult, married woman of 25. We had just had a baby. This baby was not growing and was hospitalized at 3 months. As I was breastfeeding I received extensive testing and even x-rays to determine if I had any health issue that could be effecting the breast milk. Immediately after this I found out I was pregnant. … read more >


The first 16 years of my life were something out of a Lifetime Channel movie; alcoholic, misogynist, abusive stepfather, enabling and psychologically damaged mother, and a spoiled, bratty, but obedient younger sister. … read more >


I am about to turn 29 in about a month. This is my 3rd pregnancy, but no children. I had been in a relationship with my on-again, off-again boyfriend when I got pregnant about 4 years ago. I found out I was pregnant after I had severe cramps. … read more >


On February 3, 2015, I had an abortion. Almost five years ago, after three 1st trimester miscarriages, I was diagnosed with thrombophilia. MTHFR Factor V Leiden. It’s a genetic mutation that causes blood clots and miscarriages, among other complications. … read more >


I didn't even know I was pregnant till I was five months along. I had sex exactly once and I was that clueless ( and anorexic). I was a frightened, timid, terrified teen...pregnant with a sweet flamingly gay guy... Doing that thing queer teens sometimes do "maybe if I have sex with my best friend it means I'm straight". I was a horrifically abused child and somehow had the wherewithal to know I might continue that pattern. Suicide was an option I very seriously considered. … read more >


I got pregnant when I was 19. I thought I was sterile. Just low self esteem. Told my boy friend I was on birth control. When I got pregnant he thought I was trying to trap him. I was immature and bringing a child into the world would have be selfish and a disaster for me as well. … read more >


I am 19 yrs old and I just had my abortion about a month ago. I found out I was pregnant after my periods were late by 7 days and I decided to take a home pregnancy test which was positive. … read more >


I was 25 and newly engaged. I'd been divorced from my four-year old daughter's abusive father for 2 years. My daughter was already dealing with so much change in her life. I was also wary of feeling like I had to go through with a marriage just because I was pregnant, as I had the first time. … read more >


I had an abortion when I was a freshman in college and was in my first sexual relationship. We didn't use birth control and just thought if we were "careful" there was nothing to worry about. When I found out I was pregnant and that I could obtain an abortion, I was filled with gratitude and relief that I had a choice NOT to be pregnant. … read more >


I had an abortion last fall, at age 22. I had just moved across the country following my graduation and was working long hours at low pay to gain clinical experience in hopes of getting into medical school. It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through, but it was the right choice for me and it does get easier with time. … read more >


In Feb 2014, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We got pregnant the night before he started chemo and hadn't had sex until after he completed chemo. However, during the diagnostic phase he and I were exposed to radiation. Six weeks after we started chemo, we found out that I was pregnant. … read more >


I was 20 when I had my abortion. It was a three day surgical abortion. I was 17 weeks and didn't have enough money to pay for it until that happened I honestly thought I was about 10 because my periods have always been a little shotty. I was really upset about it for a long time and thought about suicide and I was scared about what people would think. My boyfriend and I were together for almost a year at that point … read more >


When I was 25, 5 years ago, I was with a man that I thought was the one. We had been together for 7 years at that point, living together, everything except marriage. He was an atheist, so his opinion of marriage was- why do something in the eyes of God? We had talked about having kids, buying a house, going back to school. Now I know that he was just playing house, leading me along. Every year he wormed a new rule on me, became more controlling. … read more >


I was 18 years old. I struggled with depression afterwards, and was tormented by the posts of pro-life and general public opinions. At age 20 I found out someone who went to my school had told a large portion of people I knew about it. I was upset and ashamed to find out that something so personal had become the subject of trivial gossip. I avoided people at all costs for a while, until I opened up about it to my now fiance and friends. They were supportive and kind, and I learned that this decision was no one else's but mine, no matter how many other opinions others had. Today, I found this website thanks to the hashtag #shoutyourabortion and after seeing the stories shared I not only stand by my choice but now know I am not alone.


When I was 17 I found out I was pregnant after missing 2 periods. It wasn't too big of a surprise since we didn't use protection but I was new to sex and trusted my boyfriend that we wouldn't get pregnant. My boyfriend at the time was a heroin addict and I was barely out of high school. … read more >


I was 25 and had finally, after 10 years, worked my way up to a position I was happy with in my industry. I had been working 14+ hour days for so long that I often forgot to eat, so the moment I realized I couldn't remember my last period or the last time I had received my birth control shot, I immediately panicked. … read more >


When I got pregnant the second time I had a one year old son. I was still suffering from postpartum depression and my boyfriend (my son's father) was less than supportive, if not already abusive. I agonized over the decision. We'd been careful and had maybe had sex twice since our son was born, but...bam...there I was, pregnant again. I had a choice between risking a pregnancy during which I felt like killing myself and my children's father mistreating me or having an abortion. It was not a decision I took lightly. … read more >


I had an abortion in 1975 when I was a freshman at a small college in Washington. I met a guy that I thought was a good match for me and we became intimate. We didn't last very long as a couple, he lived in Seattle and there were too many other girls there that kept his attention...out of sight, out of mind. When I found out that I was pregnant, we had already broken up. … read more >


It's been 3 days since my abortion. I'm 20, a college student and I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. I got pregnant my first time having sex. The second the pregnancy test said pregnant I knew I would be getting an abortion. … read more >


‪#‎StandWithPP‬ I never wanted kids. I got pregnant in college when I was 17. It was within the first 3 months of a horrid relationship. I had no job, no car, no license, and still lived with my parents. They were completely disappointed but also very uneducated on the matters of abortion. I was too. I vomited from the first day to the last. I was hospitalized 6 times during my pregnancy because I didn't want to be pregnant. … read more >


I had an abortion two months before starting graduate school. I don't have very regular periods, so when I do have sex I routinely get nervous on day 35 or so. This time was particularly long and I had been pondering it in the back of my mind the whole time I was at a music festival, supposedly living without a care. I found out I was pregnant the second I got back from a music festival. I bought the test and I couldn't wait so I just used it in the Target bathroom... needless to say I was upset. … read more >


Last year, I had an abortion. I'd done everything "right" - I was only seeing one man, I was using birth control, I was being "responsible." But I had an IUD and it turns out that I also have a heart shaped uterus, rendering my IUD basically ineffective. … read more >


My first was at 17. I did it because I was ganged raped and had no idea who the father was and knew raising that child would be a daily reminder of a traumatic event. Not a fair situation for any child to be raised. … read more >


I aborted a wanted pregnancy when I was 32 years old. We had a toddler at the time and found out the fetus I was carrying had downs syndrome. We researched the condition and determined it was best for our family to terminate the pregnancy. … read more >


I had an abortion about 3 weeks ago. I am still recovering from the aftereffects but not once throughout the process did I waver in my decision to do what I did. … read more >


I was 19 when I had my abortion. I found out I was pregnant the first day of my missed period by taking a test in the bathroom during a party. … read more >


I am now 29 married with a baby, but I had two abortions in college and I only regret that I wasn't more careful. … read more >


When I was 21 and in college I found out I was pregnant. My friend make some comment about her period and I realized I hadn't had mine since May and it was July. I called my newly ex-boyfriend and told him I needed him to come talk to me in person. … read more >


The day I found out I was pregnant was ironically Father's Day. I had just finished my freshman year of college and just turned 19 years old. I looked at my parents with a heavy feeling of guilt and they could sense my uneasiness. … read more >


I had an abortion the summer after I graduated college when I was 21. Before I decided what I wanted to do, I went to a religious clinic to make sure I was pregnant from an ultrasound and because I didn't have healthcare at the time. When there, all I heard were reasons why I should keep or give the baby up for adoption. They even gave me pamphlets on every possible thing that could go wrong with an abortion(which was pretty terrifying of course). I'm Catholic, and graduated from a Catholic University, and I was highly aware of why I should and shouldn't have done what I did. However, what gave me the most sleepless nights were the nights thinking about keeping the baby. … read more >


I am currently a Single Mother of 2 Little Boys (ages 4 & 18 months); with sole custody of both. In short, my current situation: I am a part time pre-Nursing student and a full-time Mother. I am currently unable to financially provide for my boys (without help) and several years ago when I had my firstborn child, I was given the option to move back in with my parents verses an assisted housing unit, so I did. … read more >


I am 26 years old right now and i just found out i am pregnant. My boyfriend and i have only been together for 3 months and we are just not ready to have a baby yet so soon into our relationship. … read more >


When I was 15, I had a sleep over with 2 girls who were daughters of a friend of my parents. We were not friends. 1 was a year older than me, 1 a year younger. At some point in the evening we reached the point of "one upsmanship" and started telling tales. … read more >


In college, I had two abortions within six months. The father was 10 years older and not in love with me. Nine years later, I certainly don't regret the abortions. I just regret being that careless in the first place.


In October of 2013 my girlfriend and I became pregnant. She and I had made the decision to stop using birth control, and though our relationship had been on and off for the better part of a decade, we had reached a point in our lives that we thought we would be able to bring a child into this world. … read more >


I had an abortion 5 years ago when i was 22. I was a single mother of a 5 month old son living at my mother's house and working at a gas station. … read more >


I have had two abortions. I am now 44 years old, with three children, and I do not regret my decisions. … read more >


I was 20 and had been with my boyfriend for over a year when birth control failed. As college students, we both knew we were not ready to become parents. My boyfriend, who was adopted, always told me that if we were to become pregnant, he would only support adoption. Knowing that he wouldn't be a supportive parent, nor a supportive partner at the abortion, I chose to keep the pregnancy a secret and to to my abortion alone. … read more >


I had an abortion 2 years ago. I was lucky to detect it very early on and even more lucky to live in a state (NY) where I was able to easily make an appointment at my local Planned Parenthood. Because I caught it so early, I was able to have a medical abortion. … read more >


I am not sure why I am telling this story. I don't even know what to make of it myself. Maybe because I don't hear a lot of stories like mine. … read more >


I was 33. I had a 3 year old daughter. My marriage was shaky. He didn't want any more children. I had an IUD to prevent pregnancy, but somehow I got pregnant. … read more >


I had an abortion in 2002, in India, in a hospital, with pre/post-op just like any other procedure. … read more >


My story is very unremarkable. I was 20 years old and got pregnant by my boyfriend, someone whom I knew I would not be with forever. … read more >


I was 48 and married. Our daughter had just started her first year at college. I was too old for birth control pills, and after my IUD had spontaneously, and painfully, come out, I was back on the diaphragm. … read more >


I was 22 years old -- q college educated girl from a conservative home. I had been to the doctor and my mom had allowed me to get birth control to "regulate my period" which was code for her being the type of mom that wanted to make sure I was covered even though she didn't want to encourage me to be sexually active. I've always been an inconsistent person. I took the pill but I messed it up here and there by forgetting. … read more >


I had just turned 18. I was living fast and loose -- I had dropped out of high school before graduation. I had just recently gotten a full time job, but had no money or bank account. My boyfriend had just gone to jail for a 5 year sentence and I was living with my boyfriend's mother. … read more >


I was born in mexico and raised extremely religious so abortion was out of the question for me, that is until I became pregnant at the age of 20. … read more >


It was 5 years ago. I was single, working two jobs, and trying to stay on top of my mountain of student loan debt. Birth control was not on my mind at that point because I worked all the time and I didn't have a steady boyfriend let alone time to date. … read more >


I was 25 years old and was backpacking around the world with my boyfriend after we graduated from college. When I got pregnant, it was not a complicated decision for me. We loved each other but were just not ready for kids, emotionally or financially. … read more >


I was 19 and in an emotionally abusive relationship. I stayed with this person for over a year while saving money and planning out how to leave. He was never physically abusive but very jealous, possessive, and had beaten up a past boyfriend because I talked to him at Walmart and another person saw. We were using condoms but I became pregnant. … read more >


I was 18 and just graduated high school. I had a four-year, full-ride scholarship to a great, private college. I was having unsafe sex because I was young and believed that antiquated forms of birth control would work. They didn't. I got pregnant. … read more >


I used to think my dad spanked me because I was bad. I used to think it was my fault that I was molested. I used to think it was my fault that boys didn't like me, even when I had sex with them. … read more >


I have always been pro-choice, because I believe it's nobody's business what a woman decides to do with her body. I never thought I would get one, since I am an adult and fully capable of raising a child. That is until late last year. … read more >


Today is 8/1/2015 and it is a day after my abortion. I am a 25 yr old mother of 2. I have a 3yr old and 11month old. I never thought I would have an abortion. I don't judge, but personally I never had a reason that was so bad that I would ever do it. My kids' dad is incarcerated and I still want my family. … read more >


It was seven years ago, I was 25. I still have the questionnaire from the doctors visit. One question asked "Do you want to be pregnant? Yes/No." I put an X through both. … read more >


I've been pro choice since I was old enough to understand the politics of abortion. I found out I was pregnant at 18 and made the decision to parent. I felt capable, and I was ok with the idea of being a mom. Fast forward 7 years later. I am unemployed after leaving a high stress job months earlier and have failed to find employment even after returning to school. I am in a new relationship with a wonderful man. And I find out I am pregnant. … read more >


I am in the unenviable position of having had both an abortion, & a child I placed for adoption. I can unequivocally say that I wish everyday that I had also terminated that second unplanned pregnancy but because of my alcoholism, I was in jail in a state that did not allow inmates to have abortions. … read more >


I never expected I would have an abortion. I supported it being a legal procure, but out of a sense of ethics and feminism, not because I expected to need one. I was 30 years old and had two children -- a 3 year old and a 4 month old -- when my husband failed to pull out and put on a condom. I had not gotten an IUD after the birth of our second child because he said he would get a vasectomy, but he delayed. A few weeks later I got a positive pregnancy test. … read more >


I didn't realize I was pregnant until I was at least 9 weeks. I've been off and on birth control pills since I was 15 and am now 21, I'd never gotten pregnant before and actually started to wonder whether I was even fertile because I wasn't always the best at taking my pills on time... … read more >


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